Availability of Space in Indian Dairyman for Advertisement

Indian Dairy Association is an apex body of dairy professional in country and Indian Dairyman is its prime publication which is considered to be the mouth piece of the dairy industry in country. It carries informative articles by experts on various fields of dairy industry-like technology, engineering, cattle breeding, nutrition, market information and news from India and abroad etc.

There has been considerable qualitative improvement in Indian Dairyman, which has increased its readership. This periodical is being widely referred to by the Chief Executives in the Cooperatives, Federations and top Private Organizations in India and countries abroad. Now, Indian Dairyman is visible in the national and international arena. Therefore, Indian Dairyman is the right medium to reach focused audience.

It is for the information of all concerned that there is space available in Indian Dairyman for sale for the purpose of advertisement.

Profile of the Reader

Indian Dairyman & Indian Journal of Dairy Science are circulated in the various parts of the country and to the nations abroad and read by most members of the dairy community. It is being widely referred to by the Chief Executives in the Cooperatives, Federations and top private organizations and dairy organizations abroad and subscribed by their respective libraries. The readership of the journals, subscribed by various institutions as well as the libraries, is growing by leaps and bounds!

Tariff Per Insertion

Position Indian Dairyman Indian Journal of Dairy Science
  Tariff Rs. Tariff US$ Discount Rs. US$
Back Cover 30,000 850 5% N.A. N.A.
Inside Front and Back 18,000 675 10% N.A. N.A.
Inside Front Cover Facing (First Page) 16,000 600 NIL N.A. N.A.
First Facing Page 25,000 800 NIL N.A. N.A.
2nd Facing Page 21,000 700 NIL N.A. N.A.
Content Facing Page 14,000 540 NIL N.A. N.A.
Inside Back Cover Facing 13,000 525 10% 5,750 250
First Bunch of Ad After President’s Desk 12,000 500 Left Page 10% Disc. N.A. N.A.
Facing Page Colour 18,400 600 20% N.A. N.A.
Inside Colour Right Page Ad 11,800 480 20% N.A. N.A.
Inside Colour Left Page Ad 10,500 420 20% N.A. N.A.
Half Page Colour 5,400 210 NIL N.A. N.A.
Half Page B&W 2,800 120 20% N.A. N.A.
Full Page B&W 5,200 240 20% N.A. N.A.
GST @ 5% extra
  • Any fixed position demand under bulk booking will have 10% discount only.
  • Discount is applicable for a minimum booking of 12 insertions only.
  • Publication on advance payment basis only

Advertisement Material:

  • Colour Advertisement :
    Four colour positives must be accompanied with a colour printout for colour matching purpose.
  • Electronic Artwork
    The advertisement may be sent in CD in PS File format OR in TIFF format only. All halftone/four colour scans should be scanned at minimum 300 dpi. All four colour scan should be saved as CMYK not RGB. Processing charges would be borne by the advertiser as per actual.
  • Black & White Advertisement
    The advertisement should be provided in good quality art work. In case, the advertisement includes photograph/vignette/screen, it should be either in the form of Bromide or Positive only. However, the advertisement containing text only, may be given in the form of laser printout (600/1200 dpi) also.

Advertisement Size (Mechanical Data)

Print CMS
Trim CMS
Bleed CMS
Back Cover (Colour)
Front or Back Inside Cover (Colour)
Double Spread (Colour/Black & White)
Full Page (Colour/Black & White)
Half Page Horizontal(Black & White)


100% Advance payment should be made through Bank Draft payable at New Delhi / Cheque payable at par in favour of the “Indian Dairy Association” along with the Release Order.

Correspondence pertaining to advertisement may be sent to:

Mr. N K Pandey
Sr. Executive (Publications)
Indian Dairy Association
IDA House, Sector-IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110 022
Phones.: 91-11-26170781, 26165355, 26179780-81