About Indian Dairyman

Indian Dairyman is the mouthpiece of Indian Dairy industry. The lead articles of the journal are authored by experts on various fields of dairy industry like technology, engineering, cattle breeding, nutrition, animal health, feed & fodder, milk production and processing. It also carries articles on finance, marketing, management, legislation, development programmes and policies, etc. written by specialists. Indian dairyman publishes time-to-time special issues on Quality, Milk & Milk Products, WTO, etc. A special issue of the journal, covering the proceedings, Papers, presented by the specialists in their respective fields as well as recommendations emerging out of each technical sessions of the Annual Dairy conference and seminars, etc., is published each year.

The contents of journal also include market information, scientific and technical know-how, health related knowledge, news from India & abroad, news about events that are coming up soon and the market prices of dairy products of different brands. Reviews on some of the important books published in India and abroad, appear from time-to-time, in journal to benefit our readers.